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Marine Insurance​

Whether you own a pleasure boat, cargo ship or marina, Aon Cayman can tailor a Marine Insurance policy to fit your needs and budget.

If you own or operate a boat or other marine craft, Marine Insurance can cover you for loss, damage, theft or injury risks to your boat, its passengers and crew, as well as any costs you may incur to third parties through accidental damage.

Marine Insurance provided for:

  • Pleasure Craft – Sail or Motor
  • Small Commercial Craft
  • Large Commercial Vessels
  • Marina Operators Liability
  • Cargo insurance

Boat Owner Policy Basics

  • Personal vs. Commercial: Identifying whether your watercraft is for personal or commercial use will determine the type of Marine Insurance policy you require.
  • Boat Liability Insurance: Protects you in the event you are responsible for property damage to someone else’s boat or for bodily injury to someone other than a family member. The liability limits needed depends on your specific situation.
  • Agreed Cash vs. Agreed Value: Agreed Value policies pay a predetermined agreed value for the watercraft when it’s involved in a total loss. Boats covered by an Agreed Cash policy are subject to depreciation.
  • Medical Coverage: In the event of an injury sustained in association with your boat, yacht or other watercraft, Medical Coverage included in your insurance policy will help pay your resulting medical expenses.

Marina Operators Legal Liability

  • Covers damage to non-owned private pleasure craft, as well as the property onboard, while in the marina operators care, custody or control
  • Covered exposures include: marina storage, maintenance, mooring, hauling, launching and fueling