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​Health Insurance​​​​​

Aon Cayman can provide your f​amily or business with a health plan that fits your needs and complies with Cayman Law. 

We are a full service health insurance broker that:

  • Offers Employer health plans​
  • Specializes in finding you a plan that matches your needs
  • Works with all the health insurance companies licensed in the Cayman Islands
  • Places policies from the minimum legal requirements of the Standard Health Insurance Contract (SHIC) to worldwide comprehensive plans.

  • Cayman Islands Health Insura​nce Law

    • All persons resident in Cayman are to be covered by an approved insurer.
    • The Law mandates that all employers provide health insurance to all employees 
    • Minimum employer contribution is at least 50% of the employee-only SHIC rate or lowest plan available to the employee
    • Employees should extend the cover to their eligible dependents
    • The employer usually deducts dependents' insurance cost from the employee's pay cheque

    Types of Available Health Insurance Plans

    In the Cayman Islands, the insurance companies offer a range of plans, from the affordable SHIC plans to more comprehensive plans. Most plans fall within the following categories:

    • SHIC: Minimum plan required by law
    • Enhanced SHIC: Minimum plan required by law, plus higher Outpatient Benefit limits; may include Dental and/or Vision coverage
    • Mid-level: Higher annual Maximum Limits, adequate Outpatient Benefit, along with Dental and Vision coverage options
    • Comprehensive Major Medical: Lifetime Maximum Limit of US$2 million, with wider access to overseas care and less out-of-pocket expenses

    Legislative Changes to the Law

    In 2013, the Cayman Islands government revised the mandatory health insurance benefits to allow residents wider access to health care. The primary changes to the minimum plan include:

    Standard Health Insurance Contract (SHIC)​

    • Annual Maximum Limit increased from CI$25,000 to CI$100,000
    • Annual Outpatient Benefits increased from CI$100 to CI$400
    • A separate Wellness Benefit of CI$200 per annum that includes coverage for dental checkups and cleaning
    • Addition of a separate Air Ambulance Benefit of CI$15,000 per annum at 100%